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About Us

The directors and staff of the American Pride Credit Union join in welcoming you into our credit union family. Credit union membership is available to you and members of your family, and will provide you with a lifetime of the highest quality financial services. And, as a credit union member, you are an "owner" as well. You'll have a voice in the future of the credit union through the election of your peers as officers and committee persons.

Our credit union was established in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression. A group of postal workers wanted to establish a way for fellow workers to save and borrow at reasonable rates. More than eighty years later, we're still providing the services that were the goals of those first credit union pioneers. Over the years, we've welcomed other employee groups into our field of membership and have provided them with the services and benefits you'll soon be enjoying.

To join the credit union, simply complete an application card, pay a $1.00 lifetime membership fee, and make an initial account deposit. Our minimum account balance is $50. However, if you sign up for payroll deduction, your initial deposit need only be $5.00. You then have 90 days to reach the required minimum savings balance of $50. This $50, or one "share," is your portion of credit union ownership --- similar to a stock purchase.

We also offer Youth Accounts which require a $5.00 minimum deposit. This minimum balance is in effect until the child's 18th birthday, when it must be converted to a regular share account with a $50.00 minimum balance.

As a state chartered financial institution, the credit union is regulated and examined by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. Your funds are insured to $250,000 by NCUA, a federal government agency which boasts the strongest deposit insurance fund in existence.

Staff Directory


Ted Glunt

Board of Directors

Nick F. Spallone

Ted L. Glunt
1st Vice-President

Denise Pattillo-Reeder

Robert D. Lender

John A. Potopa
2nd Vice-President

Jonathan E. Mifflin

Jon C. Frank


Pam Spallone
Office Manager

Heather McDowell
Assistant CEO

Laray Ferguson

Member Service Representative