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Share Accounts & Investments

Share Accounts

Credit union savings are called "shares" because as a member, you "share" ownership of the credit union. You share from a pool of money that is loaned to members at reasonable rates and also invested by the credit union. Once operational expenses are paid and reserves set aside, earnings are returned to members in the form of dividends on shares.

Your credit union has several different types of "share" or savings accounts:

  • Regular Shares
  • Youth Accounts
  • Christmas Clubs
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Special Savings
  • Certificates of Deposit

Dividends are paid and compounded quarterly for these accounts. Dividends are based on credit union earnings and are subject to change without prior notification. Dividends are accrued daily once a minimum deposit is made. Statements are mailed quarterly on all share accounts.

Withdrawal requests may be made in person, by phone (with proper account number and social security number identification), by mail, and at participating ATMs using your credit union ATM Card or "MASTERMONEY" Debit Card.

Share Drafts (Checking)

Discover the benefits credit union share drafts have over ordinary checking:

Super Draft Checking

  • First 50 checks free
  • No minimum balance to maintain
  • $1000.00 to earn interest
  • Free 24 X 7 Home Banking
  • Mobile App
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • "MASTERMONEY" Debit Card access / per regular fee schedule
  • No monthly service charges

Senior Advantage Checking

  • Free checks - Senior Advantage Design
  • $1000.00 to earn interest
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly charges
  • Free 24 X 7 Home Banking
  • Mobile App
  • "MASTERMONEY" Debit Card access (regular fee schedule)
  • Age 55 and up

Maximum Access

  • Free Checks - Maximum Access design
  • No minimum Balance
  • Unlimited Free ATM withdrawals
  • Unlimited Free ATM deposits
  • Unlimited Free "MASTERMONEY" Debit Card Point of Purchase
  • Free 24 X 7 Home Banking
  • Mobile App
  • ATM Inquiries @ $1.50 per inquiry
  • $5.00 monthly service charge
  • Perfect for students, young professionals, families

Access your share draft (checking) account and your regular share account by applying for a credit union ATM Card or MasterMoney Debit card.

Make deposits, do transfers between accounts, do balance inquiries and make withdrawals all at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without ever visiting the credit union office.

Mobile/Text Banking

You can access your account information and do transactions in "Real Time" on your smart phone by downloading our free app for Apple or Android phones. Do your banking "on the go" with this free service from your credit union. You must be signed up for Home Banking to use the mobile service.


The credit union offers several options for investing funds for various lengths of time. Certificate rates are adjusted each Tuesday, but are fixed for the term of the investment you purchase.

Special offer certificates are also available.

You have the option on certificate accounts of 12 months or longer to have dividends compounded, paid to a share account, or paid by check.

There is a 90 DAYS interest penalty for early withdrawal of certificate funds.

IRA's (Individual Retirement Accounts)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a great way to save for your future, and if you qualify under the tax laws*, to get a tax deduction each year. You can open an IRA with as little as $5.00. You can add to the account by means of payroll deduction, cash or check.

There is no administration fee, no early withdrawal penalty (other than any assessed by the Internal Revenue Service), and no rollover fees.

Watch your IRA savings grow with regular payroll deductions! We offer the following types of individual retirement accounts:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IR
  • Education IRA

If you're looking for an IRA investment with higher yields, look to one of our IRA Certificates. With a minimum balance of $500.00, you'll lock in higher yields than our traditional savings IRA. Call (814) 946-3045 for information on how you can transfer your current credit union IRA account into a certificate account. Of course, like all certificates, there is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal of funds.

*Consult a tax attorney or the Internal Revenue Service to see if you qualify for an IRA tax deduction.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deduction is an automatic and easy way to add money to your share accounts or to pay credit union loans. When you sign up for payroll deduction, you specify an amount you want deducted from your pay each pay period and put into the accounts you specify.

To get payroll deduction, or to change the amount you want deducted, contact the credit union or your payroll department for a payroll deduction form. Once the form is completed and returned to the credit union, your employer will be notified of your authorized deductions. Each payroll deduction transaction will be shown on your account statement.

Deductions for loans are held in your regular share account each pay, and applied to your loans on the last day of each month.

If you go on vacation or are laid off for a period of time, no deductions will be made to your credit union accounts. You must make arrangements to deposit funds yourself into accounts you may have. This is especially important where loans are concerned. Timely payments of loans help build a strong credit rating.

Direct Deposit

If you are nearing retirement, have a service pension, or have a retired family member who wishes to join the credit union, we offer direct deposit of your funds at no cost to you.

We can electronically accept pensions or other payments directly into your credit union accounts. Some of the payments we accept are:

  • Social Security Retirement
  • V.A. Benefits
  • Pensions
  • Investment Deposits
  • Social Security Disability
  • Railroad Retirement

Call the credit union for more details on how to sign up for direct deposit.